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Indoor LED Screen

Indoor LED screen and indoor LED display are widely used as screens for the use of LED video walls, or for indoor concerts. It can also be used as screens for movie theaters, cinemas and auto-cinemas, like the mega IMAX theater screens. These type of electronic LED screens are always very high quality and the resolution is much higher than a normal outdoor electronic LED display screen. But because the quality of indoor LED display screens for the interior are much higher, the price per square meter is also much more than a normal outdoor LED display screen


  1. MAJESTIC 6mm LED screen uses revolutionary LEDs and delivers the deepest black levels of any product on the market. When combined with a light output of 2000 NIT, a phenomenal contrast ratio of 4200:1 is achieved.
  2. MAJESTIC Indoor LED display screens available for hire that are at the forefront of LED video and display screen technology.
  3. MAJESTIC Indoor LED Display, with a refresh rate over 1920HZ, can offer stunning flicker-free broadcast-quality video images.
  4. Our single LED brightness calibration technology ensures a brightness tolerance of less than ±2%. As a result, after calibration, our LED displays show even brightness and better picture quality across the entire surface.
  5. Single LED chroma calibration technology is used for perfect color uniformity across the entire LED display. Additional skin-color and green-color rendering technologies calibrate every single LED so as to guarantee a softer picture and better stereovision, thereby bringing you instantly back to the natural world.
  6. Lightweight aluminum housing for easy transportation.
  7. Fast installation: cabinets are interlocked by a gear lock and less additional installation structure is required, thus saving on cost and
  8. MAJESTIC Indoor LED Display is ideal for temporary installation such as rental or staging.
  9. Good ventilation and heat dispersal design.
  10. In, out power and signal connectors as well as power and signal cables are all hidden behind a latched door at the back of the panel for better protection and ease of use.
Indoor LED Screen - Indoor LED Screen
Indoor LED Screen1 - Indoor LED Screen

LED Screen On Hire

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